Statement of Purpose

Great, just what this world needs, another blog. Specifically, another basketball blog. As if there was an increase in demand for semi-qualified basketball fanatics to express their thoughts about the game on the internet, I created this site. The reason why, however, is because the game of basketball is something that I have practiced and played, watched and loved. It has been a source of pain and doubt, as well as pure exhilaration. Now, I consider it a source of expression. Expression to be presented here. Through facts and logic, evidence and reason, I hope to voice here what I know, and more importantly what I learn. Through opinion and belief, and some sarcasm and jest, I hope to make the expression interesting and relatable, something  basketball novices and experts can both find useful and enjoy. I also hope to have some fun in the process, and that you do too.

Welcome to The Baseline Drift.